This is a trove of random knowledge I have accumulated for Re-enactors who want to portray the standard frontoviki of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. For specialized units such as tankers, snipers etc… I won’t bother writing until I have the time to. The item lists include the market price for the item and which vendors are the best to get them from. It is just my personal opinion combined with years of research. This website does not specialize in uniforms of officers as I have less knowledge on that topic. Also I must warn, no re-enactor should start off immediately as an officer; it is much better to join a group as a Private, learn the basics, before going up the ranks.

100% original gear from my collection

List of Vendors:

These vendors are mostly Europe/Russia based as I am based in the UK and so am unfamiliar with ones in the US.

Cyrill Mekhanitchev: St Petersburg based, contact through facebook. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010304880432 Great person to get nearly everything from, from restored helmets to russian-made reproduction uniforms that you otherwise won’t find due to language barriers. Also great to get vintage pocket items such as wallets, candles, pocketknives etc. EDIT his account has been deleted and his new one is under the name Pavel Poryubov.

Voenspec: Great place to get uniforms and accessories.

Schusters: Belarus uniform firm. http://schusters.ru/en They have nearly all uniforms available, at custom sizing. Excellent quality, however I personally do not like their equipment quality.

Voin: Ukrainian uniform firm. http://voin.zp.ua/index.php?route=common/home They only stock fixed-size uniforms. Excellent quality, however i dislike their leather equipment items.

OTK87: UK based store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedArmyReproductions great canteen/bottle pouches, food ration bags and gas mask related items.

Martin’s Reenactment Stuff: Poland based https://www.facebook.com/Martins-Reenactment-Stuff-460093534189849/ very nice owner who makes the best Mosin Nagant pouches! also makes nice field dressings, ppsh pouches, slings and pouches for other guns as well.

Soldatskaya Lavka: St Petersburg based, access via VK (Russian Facebook) https://vk.com/soldatskayalavka . It may be easier to purchase from them if you send the items you see to Cyrill who will then pick them up and do a combined shipping.

To contact me, message me at Instagram: @ww2_historypics