Canteens and carriers

Canteen Carriers

Top left: M1930
Middle Left: M1940
Top & Middle right: Medic 1L canteen carriers
Rest: M1941

M1937 Canteen Carrier

The M1937 canteen carrier was designed to be close wrapping to the canteen it carried via a series of laced eyelets. There were variants between 10 or 14 eyelets and were designed to only carry aluminium and not glass canteens. It attached to the belt via a D-ringed belt loop that itself was attached to another spring clip attached to a belt loop on the carrier itself. This allowed the soldier to access the canteen without undoing the lacing but also meant the canteen swung on the belt as well as sitting lower below the waist. They were made in various materials with normal cotton twill for standard soldiers. Production ceased when the M1940 carrier was introduced as it was easier to manufacture,

M1940 Canteen Carrier

The M1940 canteen carrier was a lot more simplified compared to the previous model. It was closed by a lace that ran across the open edge and was directly attached onto the belt via 2 belt loops. There were design variations on the loop width and some had longer loops so the canteen sat lower. Depending on the tightness some could carry both the aluminium and the larger glass canteen.

M1941 Canteen Carrier

The M1941 canteen carrier was the most common carrier throughout the war. It provided a cheap yet secure carrier for the canteens. The body was of the same design of the M1940 but had the addition of a neck strap to hold the canteen more securely. It could carry both aluminium and glass canteens but the high neck of glass canteens meant it was a bit hard to get it out.

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