Grenade Pouches

RGD-33 pouch

Although commonly called the RGD-33 pouch, this pouch was actually the only grenade pouch issued to the Red Army (other than tank crews but i’ll get to that later). All types of grenades were carried within it and not just the RGD-33. It had 2 main big compartments and a small pouch in between it to hold the fuses. Material varied from canvas, brezentovi and thin cloth and color from grey, green to khaki, just like all other equipment pouches of the time. Repros can be bought from Martin’s reenactment stuff or Schusters.

F-1 Grenade pouches

New research has come to light that these pouches were ONLY issued to tank crews so re-enactors, unless reenacting tank crews, should ONLY use the RGD-33 pouch no matter the type of grenade they are carrying.

RGD-33 & shovel combined pouch

In 1941 the idea of combining the RGD-33 and the shovel was attempted and successful as it saved space on the waist (people back then were skinnier and often didn’t have space to fit all the ammo, grenade pouches, canteen, shovel etc onto the belt). However photographic evidence only shows few being used so stay away unless you have a small waist. Available from Schusters.

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